Dante Colle Makes His Cockyboys Debut

October 16, 2018 | Posted in gay by garridan-p-faxton

[WATCH: Dante Colle & Seamus O'Reilly - Cockyboys]

For His Inaugural Cockyboys Scene, Dante Colle stars opposite Vincent O'Reilly

Or "Double Load Dante" as he's been called. Because not only did he shoot ONE load of cum all over Vincent, when they were finished, he shot ANOTHER load all over Vincent's face!

Dante Colle cumshot

A fine ending to a fine debut.

From Cockyboys:

Dante Colle makes his CockyBoys debut with Vincent O'Reilly as they condense a variety of hot condom-free fun into one afternoon in a high-rise Vegas hotel room, from balcony to bathtub to bed. Sitting on top of a railing overlooking the skyline, Dante leans back against the window and Vincent wordlessly says yes to what's being offered. They kiss and soon Vincent's mouth makes it way down Dante's torso...and to the full erection that pops out when unzips his jeans. Vincent treats Dante to an 5 star blowjob and the promise of more is the incentive for Dante join him inside.

Before all the fun began, the boys stepped out on the patio for some oral.

Vincent Oreilly Blows Dante Colle

Hopefully Sending Dante Over the edge with pleasure doesn't push Dante Over the edge of the balcony!

Once that got dangerous, they stepped back inside to finish the job.

Dante Colle Blows Vincent Oreilly

Sometimes you have to get clean before you get dirty.

Then Dante gave it to Vincent nice and good.

Bareback Gay Porn at Cockyboys

Dante looks like he'll fit right in as a cocky boy.

Then they got a little more comfortable on the bed...

Dante Colle Fucks Vincent Oreilly

Vincent looks like he's found a home sitting on Dante's cock, at least temporarily.

And Dante rode Vincent's ass until they both came.

Vincent Oreilly Cumshot

Looks like Vincent likes Dante's cock!

What do you think of Dante Colle's first Cockyboys scene? Is he fit to be a Cockyboy?


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