Violinist Chris Marchant Won't Apologize For His Shirtless Graveyard Post

October 10, 2018 | Posted in Celebrity by trey-paul

Chris Marchant, who is one-third of the super sexy string trio Well-Strung, has come under fire for an Instagram post that has a bunch of his fans up in arms.

Over the weekend, Marchant posted a pic of himself posing shirtless in a graveyard with the famous Pilgrim Monument in the background. The post, which was meant to promote a partnership with Provincetown Brewing Company (PBC), didn't go over well. At all.

"Who’s [sic] name is on the tomb you’re standing on?" one person asked. "Somebody wasn’t buried there for you take an abs pic," commented another follower. One person went as far as to say "Wow. I’m glad that it’s not my relatives' grave you’re standing on to suck in your stomach and get likes on Instagram. Christ. When narcissism knows no limits. Absolute lack of thought for anyone else except yourself. Unfollowing."

Marchant's reply? He said that all the dead people in Provincetown would "be happy" about the post. My guess is he thought he was sharing the spotlight with them... maybe?

"My abs aren’t the point," he said. "I’m willing to bet that anybody buried in Provincetown would be happy to support the kind of activism that PBC is going to fuse into its business. I might be wrong, but I’m willing to take the bet."

It didn't stop there, sadly.

He continued: "I mean zero disrespect to anybody in Provincetown, living or dead; anybody who knows me knows that. I lived next to the graveyard last summer and often walked through the paths and graves; the photographer wanted to capture that moment."

Marchant removed the photo only after media outlets began reaching out to the brewery for comment.

Turns out, no matter how drop-dead sexy you are, disrespecting the dead crosses the line. Instead, stick to what works, Chris!


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#tbt to my first shoot in my favorite little town on earth by #RicIde

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