Best men Trent King and Aaron Reese fuck their groom Beau Reed before he gets married at Noir Male!

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If you can't trust your best buddy to take care of your asshole, who can you trust?!

Your wife? Your husband? Blasphemy. They don't call them BEST men for nothing. And why choose one when you can choose two? that way you get plugged at both ends.

trent king and aaron reese spitroast beau reed

Looks like Beau said "I do"...


Having your best friends by your side is always a plus when getting married. Jack (Beau Reed), Andrew (Trent King) and Derrek (Aaron Reese) have been best friends all their lives, so Jack couldn't choose between them to be the best man at his wedding-- so he picked both. After a couple drinks and some dirty conversation about the bachelor party the horny best friends decide to take their friendship to a deeper level with hands, mouths and hard cocks. If you can't trust your best buddy to take care of your asshole, who can you trust?!

On Beau's last night of freedom, the three bros get the night started with some liquor...

Noir Male Threesome

Of course some alcohol sets the mood.

But soon after, they're sucking down each other, instead of the drinks.

Beau Reed sucks trent king and aaron reese

Looks like Beau would prefer to drink straight from the tap.

Before they fuck the groom, they get a little taste of his ass, and Beau warms up to their bodies!

If you're gonna get fucked by cocks as huge as those, you need to know what you're getting yourself into first.

my best men at noir male

What a great wedding gift idea...

Then the groomsmen fuck each other for a little bit...

Just doing their marriage duties.

interracial gay threesome

Sometimes the groomsmen need it too!

Then they of course fuck the lucky man. A wife and two dudes to fuck him whenever he wants? something tells me Beau Reed will be living happily ever after for sure.

Did your bachelor party involve fucking your groomsmen, Noir Male style?


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