Tom Daley Heads Back To The Pool - And We're Wet Too!

September 26, 2018 | Posted in Celebrity by trey-paul

Olympic swimmer/Twunk Supreme Tom Daley has picked up his speedo once again and headed back to the diving board. Back in June, Tom and his hubby Dusrin Lance Black welcomed a new addition to their family, Robbie Ray, and since then they've both taken time off work to focus on fatherhood.

Daddy Daley took to Instagram to show off during his first day back in the water. "Papa goes back to training," he captioned his post, as he got back into his groove.


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Papa goes back to training 😏😜 Watch the full video on my YouTube 😘

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Over on his YouTube channel, Tom shared the full video, which shows him twerking and tumbling as he gears up for his first few dives.

"My first week back after any amount of time off is hard," he says in the vide. "But I went back after the birth of our son and WOW what a different perspective I have! I hope you enjoy this little insight."

That little insight was quite enjoyable, indeed, Tom. Now try it sans speedo - ya know, just to mix it up a bit. Just a peek of that peen wasn't enough for us!

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