Who'd You Rather Finger: Tab Hunter or Rock Hudson

September 25, 2018 | Posted in Celebrity by his_excellency


Our last Who'd You Rather Finger was very mildly commented on, which was great, thx, and I think that possibly the "finger" is getting in the way. As it is wont to do. You don't HAVE to pick a guy specifically based on his fingering potential. I just put "finger" in the title because I thought it was funny. Is it? Obviously! Not. But honestly, please let your vote be heard on which hottie you'd like to fuck (or finger!) in the comments below because it's no fun if you don't!

If you saw the documentary Tab Hunter: Confidential (streaming now on Netflix,) then you may have fallen head over heels for the ageless 1950's heartthrob. While my eyes wanted to cry while hearing about Hunter's closeted gay past, my penis wanted to cry while seeing the seemingly endless shirtless pics of Tab Hunter in his blue-eyed, blonde-haired, toned for the Closeted Gay Gawds all American boy heyday!

Then there's Rock Hudson - another stunning 1950's closeted stud who also left behind a surprising number of super sexy shirtless pics. Whereas Hunter was known for his boyish charm, Hudson was all about the manly man Don Draper step-into-my-orifice realness. Zamn zaddy!

The fact that neither legend was able to fully embrace his sexuality during his years in Hollywood is a travesty, but luckily they're both in Gay Heaven (Hunter passed away in July) where they get to spread vicious gay rumors about Anthony Perkins (he threw Hunter under the bus in real life. You have to see the Tab Hunter documentary) for the rest of eternity. NE WAYZ, check out the hot pictures and pic a fella.

Tab Hunter

Rock Hudson

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