K.J. Apa's Bod Is Back And Hotter Than Ever

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CW's teen sex party series Riverdale will already be back for its third season on October 10th, and the network's pervy execs are getting tainties wet with this hot promo shot of K.J. Apa looking like a snack and a goddamn half! Everyone's favorite twenty-one-year-old quarter-Samoan faux ginger creamboat is shreddier and happy trailier than ever, and once again, it's just really awkward that yet another celeb has the exact same body type as me!

From the little blurb about season three, we know that the Archie comics-inspired Riverdale - which follows twenty-something high schoolers who all apparently frame each other for murder - is as believable and measured as ever. Here's the jizz-st:

The first episode is called “Labor Day”, and through the pics, we can see that Archie’s mom Mary (Molly Ringwald) is back in town, representing him in his murder trial – as well as Penelope Ann Miller as Ms. Wright, the prosecutor trying to put Archie behind bars.

Will Archie get convicted? Will the rest of the season play out like Oz? It will if there's a Gay Gawd!



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