Shirtless Nyle DiMarco Fluid As Shit On Diving Board (VIDEO)

August 8, 2018 | Posted in Celebrity by his_excellency


We pretty much now have empirical proof that the fluidiest deafest modeling sensation around, Nyle DiMarco, is indeed fluid instead of just being a homosexual, because no full-fledged gay (who isn't a pocket gay Brit diver) has this kind of confidence on a diving board at a public pool! It's not in our DNA. We have panic attacks when wayward footballs are tossed our way and we're expected to somehow return them, and we are too self-conscious to do cool straight guy tricks on diving boards! I don't make the rules. I just am a walking stereotype.

Nyle DiMarco is currently enjoying all that Austin, TX has to offer, and found himself at the local swimming oasis, Barton Springs Pool. Poolgoers were treated to something of an erotic nature when the perfectly sculpted and hairy DiMarco decided to show off his diving prowess. And the video posted to DiMarco's Instagram is just a testament to his unabashed fluidness. Speaking of fluids... that diving board isn't the only thing that's sprung right now. Rite ladies? ROITE LADIES.


Come lie with me! — @myconiancollectionhotels #tbt

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I’m in my underwear because I forgot my swim suit

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