Johnny V Puts His Oral Skills To Good Use!

August 8, 2018 | Posted in Amateur by garridan-p-faxton

[WATCH: Steve Rinkz & Johnny V - American Muscle Hunks]

Johnny V Gives Hung Friend Steve Rinkz A Great Blowjob At American Muscle Hunks!

If two things are in in gay porn in the year of our LORD 28Teen, it's amateur gay porn (I mean based on the amount of tweets I see, OnlyFans content is booming) and blowjob-only scenes.

This new scene from Johnny V's American Muscle Hunks combines the two, with one of Johnny's new finds, a cute white twunk named Steve Rinkz.

Excuse me - Cute, white, HUNG twink Steve Rinkz.

Johnny puts that mouth to work getting Hung Steve off!

Johnny V Blows Steve Rinkz at American Muscle Hunks

Turns out Johnny V's whole body is amazing, not just his mouth...

From American Muscle Hunks:

Johnny V has a sensational body - but one of his best assets is his mouth. His cock sucking skills are put to good use as Steve Rinkz' fat cock needs to be satiated.

He swallows his cock and sucks on his balls until Steve cums all over that gorgeous face. Now it's Steve's turn and he's no suck slouch either!

In between breaths of inhaling Steve, Johnny takes a few moments to admire Steve's cock, because it is a nice cock.

Johnny V Gives Head at American Muscle Hunks

Don't act like you don't think Steve Rinkz has a nice dick...

But once Steve is ready to get off, Johnny wastes no time getting him off!

And he takes all that delicious cum to the mouth too.

Hot Blowjobs at American Muscle Hunks

A well-deserved mouth full of cum!

Johnny was so horny from giving head that he needed to cum himself!

Thank the LORD - our LORD - that Steve was good at giving head too...

 Steve Rinkz Blows Johnny V

Steve looks happy AF to be servicing Johnny

And Johnny came so much that swallowing wasn't an option. Steve took Johnny's load all over his face.

I lied - SOME made it into his mouth.

AMH Johnny V Steve Rinkz

The most pleasant facial you've ever witnessed.

Do you like blowjob-only porn? What about amateur porn, like American Muscle Hunks?

Tell me what you like.


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