Gorgeous Homosensual Big Uncut Dick Funhouse Mirror Pics For Your Weekend

August 3, 2018 | Posted in Editorial Features by his_excellency


Tumblr - the preferred social media for perverts™ - has led me down a bit of an arty Z-list magazine rabbit hole, and I have come out wiser, artsier, and hornier! The fine folks at something called KLUID Magazine had the wherewithal to hire photographer Paco Peregrín to shoot this funhouse-inspired uncut gay dick series, and the results, well, there's nothing funny about 'em.

This has definitely been the week of impossibly gorgeous models here at Fleshbot Gay, and Peregrín's subjects Eneko Fuentes, Alvaro Madrigal, Xavi Acero, Javier des Leon, and Luis Ansa only solidify that sneaky suspicion that I had about me being garbage. These boys have stunningly gorgeous bodies and aren't afraid to flaunt their tight asses - and, at least in one case, fat fuck of a dick! Damn bitch. Save some foreskin for the rest of us okay? Check out the insanely hot series below, and REFLECT on your experience in the comments! Rite ladies?



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