YouTuber AbsolutelyBlake Gets Naked With Some Buddies

July 31, 2018 | Posted in Celebrity by trey-paul

There are some pretty good YouTube influencers out there, but very few that are as hot as AbsolutleyBlake (whose real name is Blake McPherson). He's got some cool videos, but if I'm being honest I'd be just as content watching him play around shirtless with his friends on mute. My point is he's super fuckable.

Blake is no stranger to controversy. The Canadian cutie is known for telling some crazy sex stories, like the threesome he had with his friend and a cop, and sharing quite a bit of private info with his followers. He's also not ashamed of showing off his hot body on Instagram. He once posted a shot of his perky ass and telling his followers to give his "booty a lick" as if we weren't already in the mindset after seeing it.

In his latest stunt, Blake recruited a few of his buddies to help him out. To commemorate 100,000 subscribers on his YouTube channel, Blake and friends decided to show their asses - literally.

Speaking about the ordeal, Blake said, "They ganged up on me and threw me in the pool in my pants and shirt! So this was that aftermath..."

I need hotter/straighter/more naked friends.

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