Open Post: Have You Rewatched The Movie That Caused Your Homosexual Awakening?

July 25, 2018 | Posted in Editorial Features by his_excellency

Our last Open Post ended up not being a complete disaster, and that's 100% because of those of you who shared your stories in the comments. Thank you! While we have you on the line, why not pledge another comment? It goes to a terrible cause and you don't get a free tote bag! Today I want you to dig deep and recount the time you REWATCHED a movie that helped cause your homosexual awakening as a youth. And if you haven't rewatched whatever your flick is, then do so immediately, because it is... intense? Yes, intense!

Like any self-respecting repressed Southern gay, I used the one indie theater in town as my window into the world of male genitalia, and the NC-17 The Dreamers was the flick that made me say - "Okay, yeah, so like, just throwing this out there, but, what if these two guys dragged their balls across each other's balls?" And Michael Pitt and Louis Garrel practically did just that. I already knew I was gay, but this movie left a huge impression... on my sock drawer.

This weekend I rewatched Bernardo Bertolucci's erotic romp for the first time in years and years, and it was a REAL trip. Picturing what must have been going on in my mind when I first saw all the artistry, all the homosexual tension, all the penises and balls, was the oddly sweet trip down memory lane that I didn't know I needed. Now it's your turn to tell us about how much you've changed, your perception of the movie has changed, your perception of your younger self has changed, how much things have surprisingly stayed the same, etc. since first watching your gay gateway drug of a movie!

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