Jacob Peterson and Damien Stone Play 70s Porn Stars at Men.com

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[WATCH: "Family Business: Part One" - Men.com]

Jake Porter finds out his grandpa Jacob Peterson was a porn star and ends up jerking to his tape. But at least it doesn't have the typical weird inclusion of females Men.com has come to be known for.

And you know exactly what I mean. The female inclusion that made them go viral in the "right in front of my salad" clip. Here we just have a boy jacking off to some porn his grandad starred in back in the 70s, with outfits to match.

Gay Porn at Drill My Hole

Long John Porter is long in more than one way!

From Men.com:

Jake Porter is going through his grandfather's things and finds a mysteriously-titled videotape. He pops it in and is stunned to find out his grandfather used to be a porn star! Long John Porter, aka Jacob Peterson, was a toned and lean stud packing a beautiful, uncut cock. In this feature, he starred opposite beefy and muscular Damien Stone, who took much joy in tonging his ass and fucking his hole.

My goddess, these outfits are terrible.

Damien Stone is ROCKING the crop top and daisy dukes, and Jacob is rocking the sideburns, but these outfits are still terrible.

Damien Stone and Jacob Peterson

Do you wish the clothing of yesteryear would make a comeback?

Luckily, they get right out of them.

Gay Porn Stars Damien Stone and Jacob Peterson

Or do you wish we could all be naked?

Ol' Grandad Jake goes right in on Damien's cock.

It's as thick as he is! Jake has no problem with it though.

Jacob Peterson Blows Damien Stone

Can you get over those sideburns?

Jake has no problem taking Damien's cock deep either.

Gay Porn at Men.com

Jake's grandad sure could take it.

Jacob even takes it all the way until he cums.

No fake cumshot here!

Drill My Hole / Men.com gay porn

Looks like Jacob liked his pounding...

So what's next? Will Jake Porter get fucked by grandad Jacob Peterson? I mean, I wouldn't put it past Men.com...


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