Steven Krueger And Colin Woodell Get Gay In New The Originals Episode

July 13, 2018 | Posted in gay by his_excellency

Every time two straight actors are made to semi-convincingly swap spit as gay characters on a CW series, a gay dark web blogger gets his wings. At least this is what I was told by Pop Pop while growing up, which explains... a lot! NE WAYZ, the softcore gay porn network that has brought us countless gay encounters is back at it with the vampire series The Originals.

In the latest episode titled "There in the Disappearing Light" cutie and a half Steven Krueger looks quasi-longingly in the car at Colin Woodell after their reunion, before leaning in for a quasi-passionate kiss that he definitely doesn't enjoy. There's a market for this sort of thing, and I, am, it!


Can't see the haterz

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We ALL like Str8 Chaser-ish porn, and really, the CW is a Str8 Chaser gateway drug. I'm definitely not saying that I like when people are made to do things they wouldn't normally do for money and fame - like starring on a hit CW series and sucking face in a car - but I'm definitely not not saying that. And I'm quoting Pop Pop there. Wow. It's Friday, OKAY? This is not the first time that Woodell and Krueger have bumped reluctant uglies on The Originals, and you can see some boudoir desktop background options in the gallery. Enjoy!


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