Wait, Bruce Willis Has Show His Penis In How Many Movies?

July 12, 2018 | Posted in gay by fleshbot


From Mr. Man:

We’ve had a Die Hard-On for sexy star Bruce Willis ever since he flashed frontal in not one, but two flicks in 1994. In The Color of Night Willis gave us a great look at his willy, as well as his plump tan-lined tush, while taking skinny dipping to the extreme.

In the same year’s Pulp Fiction, Bruce flashed his Big Kahuna while toweling off after a shower.
Just one year later, Willis further cemented his Mr. Man Hall of Fame title by hanging dong and even getting doused in white stuff by a bunch of dudes in Twelve Monkeys. Monkey see, monkey splooge!

Another year, another chance to see Bruce let it loose, as he again went full frontal in 1996’s Last Man Standing. In 1999’s The Story Of Us, Willis delivered his take on the classic gapin’ apron. And the following year he took yet another crack at nudity in Unbreakable.

In 2004’s The Whole Ten Yards Bruce showed off his comedic chops, as well as his pork chops.
And while he used a booty body double in 2017’s Once Upon a Time in Venice, that ageless muscly bod is all his. Does Bruce make anyone else wanna Arma-get-it-on?

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