Ryan Phillippe Shirtless Crotch-Forward Paddleboarding Thirstagram

July 11, 2018 | Posted in Celebrity by his_excellency

The forty-three-year-old Ryan Phillippe is out Thirsagramming the thirstiest of Thirstagrammers half his age, and the results will leave you, well, thirsty! From shameless shirtless selfies to shameless beach-running pics from his Men's Fitness photo shoot, Phillippe's lack of shame is our gain, and this latest paddleboarding video posted to his Instagram story is no exception.

Phillippe has apparently adhered his camera to his board... between his legs... under his dangly choke-worthy cock and balls... and he's really showing the likes of K.J. Apa and Cameron Dallas how it's done. I'm currently rewatching all of The Golden Girls for literally the hundredth time in my life, and I'm reminded of a quote from Miles while he's reassuring Rose of her looks:

When you're young and beautiful, it's an accident of nature. But when you're beautiful older, you've earned it. That you created yourself.

While Phillippe is still young at forty-three, I'd like to see Apa and Dallas top this in two decades. Good fucking luck...


Photo Credit: Instagram

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