Blue-Eyed Nick Fitt Fucks Twinky Bottom Luke Kennedy at Badpuppy

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[WATCH: Nick Fitt and Luke Kennedy - Badpuppy]

In One Of His First Action Scenes, Nick Fitt Shows He's Adept At Topping, But STILL Only Shows Us He Can Make One Face

Well...maybe two variations of the same face. We'll call it 2.75 faces.

If you remember, Nick Fitt had his debut Badpuppy scene a few weeks ago.

He kept a stone face the entire time, to the point where it was creepy.

Nick Fitt At Badpuppy

He's got a decent cock.

He has a great body, though, and showed it off rather well.

But...the face. But judging by the way Badpuppy works (usually two scenes are shot at once) we knew there was a good chance his solo scene was not his last.

[WATCH: Nick Fitt - Badpuppy]

And now he's back to fuck cutie Luke Kennedy.

And the face got even more intense, and slightly creepier.

Luke Kennedy Blows Nick Fitt

Even getting his cock sucked, he's rather stone-faced.

From Badpuppy:

Nick Fit is almost bursting out of his underwear during the interview with Luke Kennedy and just as soon as the interview is complete Luke makes a dive for Nick's crotch. Nick grabs Luke's face and the two kiss while Luke plays with the huge bulge in Nick's shorts. Luke pulls Nick's cock from his shorts and swallows it whole. Nick bends Luke over onto his knees and buries his face in Luke's ass, driving his tongue deep into Luke's tight hole. His cock is hard as a rock and Nick pushes it in ever so slowly. Luke moans slightly as he gets used to Nick's length and girth. The two quickly adapt and in no time at all Nick is rocking back and forth; and, Luke is gyrating his ass right back into Nick's dick.

Okay Okay - maybe Nick is making a new face here.

His eyes ARE closed as he rims Luke. Luke's eyes are closed too - maybe Nick's tongue game is good...

Nick Fit Rims Luke Kennedy

He may have one face, and he loves burying it...

Here is his "I'm concentrating and it feels good" face...

Luke's eyes are closed but he looks like he's enjoying it. Maybe the eyes were too much.

Nick Fitt Fucks Luke Kennedy

We managed to eek out one variation of his face!

Dang - now we're back to that original scary face.

Never realize a good thing until it's gone (or it's back, I guess).

Gay Bareback Porn at Badpuppy

Another variation of the same face, but at least it is not the same face.

If Nick Fitt were fucking you and looking at you with that face, would you be creeped out or turned on?


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