Nick Jonas Was So Cute On The 4th That My Ovaries Imploded

July 5, 2018 | Posted in Celebrity by his_excellency


Calling all OMGyns! Rite ladies? Okay, so, first off, I'm hungover from the 4th. In case you couldn't tell from my OMGyn joke. Second, it sure doesn't help that my ovaries went and imploded after seeing this insanely cute pic of the one and only Mr. Jonasty himself, Nick Jonas! Any self-respecting man with eyeballs knows that Jonas is never not stage-four fuckable, but every once in a while he just looks so gosh dern gobble-able that he truly takes my breath, and apparently my ovaries, away.

For his commemorative July 4th pic, Jonas can be seen in a glorious Dolce & Gabbana blouse that would make Betsy Ross rethink her entire approach, and he flashes some super delish chest hair as well as those pearly whites. Not to mention his eyegoddamnbrows and head of hair that you could lose a dick in. I took the liberty of covering up the kid that Jonas is holding because A) I can't post kids on here and B) fuck her, it should be me snuggling up to Jonas on the 4th! What did you guys do to celebrate yesterday? Spillz!


Brothers. The tradition continues.

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