Mr. Man Meat Of The Week: Hottie Jack Kesy's Sexiest Nude Scenes

June 28, 2018 | Posted in gay by fleshbot



From our friends at Mr. Man:

The TNT series Claws was obviously coming for the gays with their “Here to Slay” marketing campaign, and they indeed succeed in having the gays slayed by featuring the jacked for the Gawds hottie Jack Kesy as series regular Roller Husser. After all, a diva is, as they say, a female version of a Husser. This boy is THE reason to watch Claws, and you can see his best nude moments below!

Kesy has a truly munchable ass, and if you like what you see, you can check out Hollywood’s Hottest Asses here.

He served in the Marines, so he's probably punched someone. Check out the Hot BDSM Playlist!

Kesy is 6’2", 32 years old and sexy AF.

This is definitely a dude we can see ourselves in bed with, and you can check out more Male Celebs Naked in Bed!

While we're never going to get tired of seeing Kesy's gorgeous plump rump on Claws, our fingers are still crossed for dat Kesy cock! Check out the Full Frontals of the Famous playlist!

Kesy doesn't have the market completely cornered on Smooth Celebrity Butts, but he has one of the hottest ones currently on the small screen. Don't believe me? Ask, the, dishes...


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