Aiden Garcia and Cameron Parks Beat The Summer Heat With Their Meat

June 27, 2018 | Posted in gay by garridan-p-faxton

[WATCH: Summer Swim - Helix Studios]

Twunk Cameron Parks fucks twinky Aiden Garcia raw at the Helix Studios pool

Because if you can't BEAT the heat, create your own by sitting on one of the nicest cocks in porn, right?

Aiden Garcia and Cameron Parks

Are they cooling off, or heating up?

Just last week, Collin Adams couldn't wait to hop on Cameron Parks nice curved cock:

[WATCH: Cum Inside - Helix Studios]

And it looks like Aiden Garcia is next in line - he looks like he's loving it...

gay bareback sex at helix studios

Aiden looks like he's enjoying some twunk cock!

From Helix Studios:

While cooling off in the pool, the boy's wandering hands find their way to one another's bulging swim trunks which are brimming with fast building, big boners. Parks plants his pretty lips on Aiden's enormous appendage, choking down as much of the thick dick as he can while Garcia glistens on the edge of the pool. Aiden walks Parks to the pool house, pushes him down and then GOES down on that thick dick of his like a champ! After getting Parks' piece rock hard, Aiden hops on his bare bone and gets to grinding while shifting his own shaft.

But before fucking, Both boys swap blowjobs. Aiden goes down on Cameron first...

Aiden Garcia blows Cameron Parks

Aiden is such a good little cocksucker

And Collin then goes down on Aiden's cock, which is fairly large itself!

Cameron knows as a well-endowed top, he has to get his bottom's body ready first - not just his hole.

Cameron parks blows aiden garcia

No rimming today! Just swapping blowjobs.

Once it gets too hot to bear, the boys take it inside!

They create even more heat as Collin stares into Aiden's eyes as he's fucking him raw:

gay bareback twink sex

A look in the eyes sends shivers down Aiden's spine.

And then Aiden takes one last bounce before they both explode everywhere.

twink porn at helix studios

Even though they've moved inside, they're not cooling down by any means.

Would you bottom for Helix Studios' Cameron Parks?


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