Cockyboys Introduces Its Newest Model, Adorable Pocket Gay Andreo Matteo

June 22, 2018 | Posted in gay by garridan-p-faxton

[WATCH: Josh Moore and Andreo Matteo - Cockyboys]

Hung stud Josh Moore is the first to get to take Andreo Matteo's ass for a least on camera.

By the way he takes a pounding from Josh, methinks he's done this before...

...or at least that he's stretched.

Most guys are so inflexible that they can't hold their legs in the air, but Andreo takes Josh's cock as he's literally folded in two!

Your fave could never.

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Does he do yoga? His chi looks like it's hella balanced.


We're excited and happy to introduce Andreo Matteo as he makes his adult debut with CockyBoys! He's welcomed by Josh Moore with sweet, sensuous passion...and the dominance Andreo desires. Andreo starts on Josh's lap and they kiss as Josh's hands glide over his body and when the time is right Josh stands with Andreo's legs wrapped around him. Multi-tasker Josh unzips and takes out his cock and as he puts him down, Andreo takes the challenge and swallows him to the root. Josh is impressed by how Andreo pleases him and keeps on going deep-throating him through teary eyes.

Andreo is the perfect height - he fits perfectly on top of Josh! Doesn't matter if he's right-side up...

andreo matteo kisses josh moore

Andreo looks like he loves to submit.

Or upside down!

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Since Andreo is a pocket gay, this is the only time 69ing not only works, but looks hot.

Josh even tests Andreo's limits by seeing if he could handle it standing up!

This boy looks like he lives for holding his breath, and it looks like it's definitely good for something...

Josh moore and andreo matteo

Andreo is flexible and loves being upside down apparently!

Once Josh has had enough of manhandling and challenging Andreo, He lays him down on the couch for a nice gingerly fuck....

Josh moore fucks andreo matteo

Some say the aftercare is the best part.

But then gives him a violent cumshot!

gay cumshot at Cockyboys

Andreo looks like he's having the time of his life!

Armond Rizzo may have to move aside - looks like we may have a new pocket gay in town.

What do you think of Andreo Matteo? Hot or Not?


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