"We Know Everyone Here, So You Must Be New In Town"

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[WATCH: The Slutty Professor: Episode 3 - "Meet The Slutty Professor" - NakedSword Originals]

The Slutty Professor concocts a potion to turn himself into studly Ace Era; He then fucks Tyler Roberts and Dave Slick in the VIP Room of the local gay bar

Well I mean, he fucks Dave Slick first, while Tyler Roberts watches, but they all fuck!

gay threesome at nakedsword originals

Two fuck while one looks on.

Desperate times call for desperate measures. Gotta do what you gotta do. So when The Slutty professor has to clean up his image by the end of the semester, he makes a potion turning him into a hot dude. When the overwhelming urge to fuck the hottest guys he sees hits him, he fucks porn newbies Tyler Roberts and Dave Slick.

From NakedSword Originals:

When he returns to his classroom he catches Professor Studly (Bruce Beckham) and his crush, Justin Brody, finishing up their sweaty sex session and it pushes him over the edge. Kelp rushes to the lab and concocts a secret potion that turns him into a smoking hot, muscular stud named Buddy Fuck. Seething with raw sexual energy, Buddy's first stop is the local gay bar where he meets Ty Roberts and Dave Slick, two horny college dudes who can't wait to get a piece of the Slutty Professor.

JJ Knight and Danny Montero couldn't get Ace Era to fuck in Episode 1, so they fucked each other:

Not sure why they wanted to fuck pre-Ace Era Ace Era, but ok. Maybe they were on to something.

[WATCH: The Slutty Professor: Episode 1 - "Sack The Nerd" - NakedSword Originals]

In Episode 2, Ace's favorite student, Justin Brody, fucks Ace's colleague, Bruce Beckham, so Ace doesn't get fired:

Talk about taking (a really long) one for the team!

[WATCH: The Slutty Professor: Episode 2 - "I'm A Really Nice Guy" - NakedSword Originals]

And now the slutty professor is living up to the name!

And Dave Slick is living up to being a great cocksucker, taking on Ace and Tyler at the same time!

Dave Slick Sucks Cock

Two cocks are better than one!

But he CERTAINLY gets paid back when Ace and Tyler take on HIS cock at the same time.

APPARENTLY there's enough cock there that they can do it!

gay cocksucking at nakedsword originals

Two HEADS are better than one!

Even if it's not his turn to fuck, Tyler still finds a way to participate and be useful, bless him.

Who doesn't like getting their ass eaten? It's 2018 for goodness sakes.

gay threesome at naked sword originals

Making sure everyone gets every hole taken care of.

It's STILL not his turn to fuck, but Tyler helps out Ace with a little snowball action.

gay snowballing at naked sword

Snowballing is so in right now!

And Ace lives up to his title as The Slutty Professor after all!

Can't have "Fuck" tattooed on one ass cheek and "Me" on the other without being at least a little slutty.

"The Slutty Professor" Cum Shot

A Hefty (real) cumshot!

Would you fuck Ace Era / "The Slutty Professor"?


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