How Big IS Osiris Blade's Dick?

June 11, 2018 | Posted in gay by garridan-p-faxton

[WATCH: Osiris Blade - Badpuppy]

The beautiful stud Osiris Blade stops by the Badpuppy studios while visiting England for a hot jack off session

And he probably poked out the eyes of everyone at Baadpuppy, and half of England, with that Massive cock!

Osiris Blade hasn't shot any scenes in a while - he's focusing on other things, like school - but man is it great to have him back. He's one of the hottest Black gay porn stars out there!

Could Poke an eye out with that thing.

From Badpuppy:

Osiris Blade was visiting Manchester from Florida for Rubber Weekend and while there he paid a visit to the studios. Osiris is a very well-spoken young man, currently in school to become a phycologist and in his part-time he enjoys shooting porn videos. It's quite apparent as he strips off his shirt that Osiris works out a lot. His arms and chest are incredibly sculpted and Osiris begins sensually rubbing his chest and abs. His hand slides down to the bulge going in his jeans. As he unzips his jeans and pulls them down a wet spot can be seen in his underwear. Obviously, someone's already a little turned on.

And as they say (because THEY are always SAYING), the rest is history.

First off, who could resist a smile like that!

He's losing the hair but it's fine - he'd look great bald!

Osiris Blade

Look at that smile!

Then he sits down and starts at that cock.

Osiris Blade BBC

You gonna hop on, or nah?

It's a surprise his biceps aren't bigger, trying to jack that thing off. He needs 3 more hands to help.

Gay Porn Star Osiris Blade

What a statue of a man

He even gives us a view of that backside

...with just the right look in his eyes to drive you crazy. He can probably take dick as well as he can give it too.

Black Gay porn star Osiris Blade

grade a booty on this one.

Then he even spreads his cheeks to show you his hole!

Osiris Blade Porn images

What would you do to that hole?

Is it good or is it great to see Osiris in porn again?

What do you think of Osiris Blade (and that dick)? Hot or not?


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