Does Maskurbate's Newest Stud Mickey Have What It Takes To Be A Gay Porn Star?

June 7, 2018 | Posted in Amateur by garridan-p-faxton

[WATCH: Mickey's Audition - Maskurbate]

30 minutes, a mask, and a camera to himself. That's all Mickey gets to show (off) his stuff at Maskurbate.

If you can count on one thing from Maskurbate, it's that they'll bring us the hottest boys from Canada, with the biggest muscles and hot cocks. These days, in the name of content, it seems like most studios will let anyone jack off and pay them a couple hundred. But they still haven't skimped on finding the guys with the best bodies.

Blonde Muscle Stud jacks at maskurbate

Big muscles AND a big cock?

I'm STILL reeling over Zack Lemec's sexy striptease and shower video.

I can't get over how hot he looked, just doing something we all do every day.

[WATCH: Stripper Service 5: Zack Lemec - Maskurbate]

And now they bring in their newest model, Mickey!

Blonde Muscle Stud Jacks Off

He flexes those hard muscles, and that hard cock well.

From Maskurbate:

This is Mickey's first audition for Maskurbate. We decided to give him privacy, one mask, one camera and 30 minutes to prove to us why we should select him.

What a nice way to shoot amateur porn. "stop by, you've got 30 minutes, we've got a video, good luck". 2018, guys.

Mickey's got a great hard cock, cute face, and nice muscles. But can he perform under pressure?

Mickey at Maskurbate

Mickey wastes no time at all!

Since he has no time, he wastes no time - first off: finger in the butt!

We don't know for sure, but maybe Mickey is a bottom?

Hot blonde fingers himself

A little finger in the butt never hurt.

Seems that that was all Mickey needed before he shot a hot load of cum!

gay solo cumshot at maskurbate

Looks like he accomplished his mission!

After he was done jacking, he washed it all down the drain in the shower, showing off that glistening body even more.

maskurbate model takes a shower

Nothing like washing your own filth down the drain.

What do you think of Maskurbate's newest model? Hot or not?

And could you perform under such pressure?


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