Charles-Laurent Marchand's Huge Dick Is Back In Action

June 4, 2018 | Posted in Celebrity by his_excellency

Gay French modeling sensation Charles-Laurent Marchand kind of sold the cow with the man milk, because he was first made famous on the Gay Internet for his massive cock and hot balls which can be seen in roughly five hundred pictures. This is opposed to say, Nick Jonasty, who is playing the long con, or "long dong" when it comes to revealing his junk. Any day now bitch. Anyway, I'm not about to penalize Marchand for giving up the goods early, so even though today we're only seeing 1/2 dick, the pic still deserves coverage, damnit!

I can't find the source for this picture, but it might be for something quasi-legit considering the lighting, and the fact that, unlike with his other nude pics, Marchand isn't viewed via an iPhone positioned an inch away from his anus. In the new pic above, Marchand appears to have the exact same body type as the action figures that were an integral part of your gay boy awakening. Except, if action figures had fat veiny dicks like this, there would be no more straight men in the world. Marchand is conversion therapy. But like the good kind! Does Marchand make you butter your baguette? Spillz!


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