MOAR Surprisingly Hot Make Out With Hugh Grant And Ben Whishaw

May 31, 2018 | Posted in gay by his_excellency


For the record, after reading this headline, I don't think that it's surprising that a make out sesh between Hugh Grant and Ben Whishaw is hot. No no no. I think it's surprising that the two actors were able to deliver the hotness in front of the cameras that I know is in them, especially since Grant is Straighty McStraighterson! Honestly, someone is giving straight actors A+ lessons in gay smooching, because the days of awkward hesitant brief lip locking seem to be behind us. And if "gay kissing coach" is indeed a job in Hollywood, then, I will be making a career change.

All of this is to say that Grant goes IN on Whishaw in the newly aired BBC Two miniseries A Very English Scandal, which details 70's daddy British politician Jeremy Thorpe's affair with hot young piece Norman Scott. These new gifs show the two giving each other dental exams with their tongues, and if you ever wanted to see the ultimate 90's and 2000's rom com heartthrob fuck a dude, this is indeed your day. My new gay porn parody ideas for Grant if he wishes to delve further into gay cinema: Mickey Blue Balls. Lust, Actually. Twatting Hill. Two Weeks Ho-tice. About A Boy Toy. Etc.


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