Kurtis Wolfe's Moves and Some Viagra Work Wonders On Ryan Bones' Micropenis

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Kurtis Wolfe loves how hot Ryan Bones is, but can't get past one thing: that small cock. Luckily they get some pills, and Kurtis gets some cock at Drill My Hole

You may not know who "they" is, but you still know what they say. "A good man is so hard to find, but a hard man is so GOOD to find." And while that may all be true, a hard man who is also BIG is even HARDER to find. Ryan Bones has a hard body, and big muscles. That cock? Not so much.

Kurtis Wolfe cums [sic] to the rescue though!

Kurtis lent his expertise to the situation, and the rest was fucking history.

Gay Blowjob at Drill My Hole

Once the V kicks in, Kurtis is all over Ryan!


Kurtis Wolfe is out taking a walk and he runs into Ryan Bones, a newbie in the neighborhood. They exchange a few stares before Kurtis invites him over for some coffee but the only thing he wants to drink is Ryan's cum but to his surprise, he has a micro dick! He sends him on his way, however, Ryan returns a short while after with some dick growing pills and boy do they work!

Jesus be a run-on sentence. Moving along...

A slightly above average in length, and definitely above average in girth cock won't do for Kurtis, no sir.

Gay Porn Star Kurtis Wolfe

Ryan Bones is a grower not a show-er.

Once the pills kicked in, though, Kurtis was all over it!

And his mouth was all around it...

Kurtis Wolfe Sucking Ryan Bones Cock

Whether he is growing or showing, Kurtis loves Ryan's cock once it grows.

Kurtis looks like he loves how big the cock is now...

Gay Sex at Men.com

Once they're off, they're off!

Then, the legs split right open.

Ryan Bones Fucks Kurtis Wolfe

Kurtis will always open his legs for a big cock.

Ryan even shot a huge load directly on to Kurtis's tongue.

Ryan Bones Cums On Kurtis Wolfe

Are you a size queen like Kurtis Wolfe?


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