Lewis Tan Isn't Interested In Receiving Your Nudes

May 28, 2018 | Posted in Celebrity by trey-paul

After landing the role of Shatterstar in Deadpool 2, Lewis Tan has gotten a whole lotta love from fans of both the movie and his body. Tons of fans have hit him up on social media to show their love, and many have gone as far as sharing some of their most private pics with the 31-year old British-born actor. Even the mullet he sports in the film hasn't deterred anyone from thinking he's one sexy fucking superhero.

Tan has received so many DMs, also known as "dick messages," that he felt the need to publicly ask everyone to stop sending them.

"I never thought I’d say this but, please stop sending me nudes," he tweeted.

Tan first gained notoriety after playing Zhou Cheng in Netflix‘s Iron Fist, and his star has only grown since. We were all excited about him playing Shatterstar, and it seems the overall thirst for the actor only got worse after Deadpool 2 hit theaters.

I honestly don't blame anyone who took it upon themselves to share a little bit (or a lotta bit) with Tan after seeing him kick some ass next to Deadpool. I mean, he's one of the hottest newer actors to portray a superhero in a long time.

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