Cockyboys Explores the Pleasures of Foreplay in its "Before The Afterglow" Series

May 25, 2018 | Posted in gay by garridan-p-faxton

[WATCH: Before The Afterglow: Episode Three - Cockyboys]

In episode 3 of "Before the Afterglow" Max Adonis makes his Cockyboys debut with Josh Moore

Currently, there's a video circling around Weird Facebook where a guy is saying that sex isn't supposed to last an hour; that his dick may have 2-3 pandora songs in it, and if it feels good he won't be able to last longer.

While many are making fun of the guy, this is most guys. They only want to fuck and want to do nothing else. Many ignore foreplay, and only see it as a distraction. And by foreplay, I don't mean you getting your dick sucked for an hour and high-fiving your partner while doing nothing, expecting them to take a cock up something that things were meant to go out of.

I got sidetracked, I'm sorry.

Many guys ignore the virtues of foreplay, and don't realize that sex CAN last an hour if you do it right! Thankfully Cockyboys remembered (Pepperidge Farm Remembers too, but that's a weird Facebook post for a different day).

In episode two, Jacen Zhu and Troy Accola heightened their own pleasure by watching what they were doing in the mirror:

[WATCH: Before The Afterglow: Episode Two - Cockyboys]

In episode One, Ben Masters Made His Debut, alongside Calvin Banks!

There was much cockteasing my Ben, and heavy kissing and nipple play by Calvin!

[WATCH: Before The Afterglow: Episode One - Cockyboys]

And in episode three, Josh and Max Adonis get down with some light spanking:

Where are these guys getting ALL THIS SPIT FROM? John Magnum yesterday, Josh Moore today!

josh moore spanks max adonis at cockyboys

Has spanking ever looked so wholesome?

From Cockyboys:

Max Adonis makes his Cocky Boys debut with Josh Moore and together they explore the pleasures as well as the excitement of foreplay. While lying together poolside Max lures Josh with his cute butt and a seductive question, "Wanna have some fun?" Josh responds with light, sensuous massage and kisses but once he gets to his Max's ass he switches it up: healthy swats mixed with rimming and deep finger probes.

Max loves the ass play and lies across Josh's lap for more and as it proceeds Max reaches in to let Josh's hard cock out. Max wastes little time shifting position to suck and easily deep throat Josh's thick tool and excite Josh to spank his ass again. He lies Max back so he can slowly face fuck his cock into his gullet and play with Max's prominent erect nipples. A brief 69 is followed by Max playing with Josh's foreskin inciting Josh to get on top of Max and cock-tease his hole...urged on by Max's dirty talk.

That Dirty talk certainly made Max want it, and Josh certainly gave it!

before the afterglow porn movie at cockyboys

Foreplay certainly made Max want that dick even moore.

I know I said I was done with Moore puns yesterday, but I lied.

Once the two couldn't take it anymore, they fucked until they came all over Max

josh moore and max adonis at cockyboys

Foreplay makes everything better.

Moral of the story: everyone should participate in foreplay. It'll make your sex better.

What do you think of foreplay? Take it or leave it?

Watch the Episode 3 preview video:


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