Troye Sivan 'Felt Sick' When He Realized Zac Efron Was Hot

May 15, 2018 | Posted in Celebrity by trey-paul

The world's most adorable (and available? Asking for a friend) twink, Troye Sivan is so much more than an open book when it comes to his sexuality. The 'My My My' and 'Bloom' singer is very open about what he likes, where he's been, and what he's done in his short, yet exciting life. In an interview with Attitude, Troye let us in on what it was like as he discovered his own sexuality.

Troye recalled knowing he was attracted to members of the same sex when he was just five years old. For reference, I think I was still struggling to spell my name correctly at that time. He also opened up about his first celebrity crush, and it didn't seem to go so well for young Troye.

"I remember I cried when I realized I thought Zac Efron was really hot. I cried. And felt really sick," he admitted. "And that was that same thing, it wasn’t: 'This is just a little crush on a boy or something like that: I’m not just interested in this boy—I think that he’s hot.' And that was weird for me."

As he got older, Troye grew more and more open about his sexuality. "I went away and started doing my research, that was when I started to become a lot more comfortable," he said.

Check out Troye's full interview and spread in Attitude's June issue.

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