Alam Wernik Fucks His Sexy Security Guard Arad Winwin

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[WATCH: "The Chosen Few Episode Four: Rock The Boat" - Naked Sword Originals]

Alam Wernik keeps seducing all the guys at NakedSword Originals - this time it's sexy muscled stud Arad Winwin

Alam Wernik may have a daddy in Logan Moore, but Alam Wernik's dick has a mind of its own!

In "The Chosen Few" Episode 1, Alam Wernik and Dante Colle disobeyed Logan Moore's orders, and fucked around on Logan's yacht:

[WATCH: "The Chose Few Episode One: Anything But the Blond" - Naked Sword Originals]

And in Episode 2, Logan punished Dante by making him break of some of what he gave to Alam:

[WATCH: "The Chose Few Episode Two: Lesson Learned" - Naked Sword Originals]

Fast forward to Episode four, and Alam is back to his old antics. This time he seduces the security guard, Arad Winwin.

Are we gonna talk about the fact that they have the same initials?

Alam Wernik Arad Winwin Naked Sword

Who could resist an ass like that? Could you? No? ok.

From Naked Sword Originals:

Alam Wernik is up to his tricks again, this time luring beefy, stoic security guard Arad Winwin out to Logan Moore's yacht, the "No Vacancy." Arad knows he may lose his job but there's no way he can resist Alam's angelic good looks, smooth, muscled body, big juicy ass and thick cock. Soon the two suntanned hunks are below deck naked and rocking the boat. A steamy mutual cock sucking session ends with Arad on top, sticking his thick dick in Alam's pristine tight hole. They fuck and suck loads out of each other as the sun goes down.

Looks like Alam's big juicy ass felt as good as it tastes:

Arad Winwin Fucks Alam Wenik

Being bad can feel so good!

So much so that Arad came all over Alam!

Arad Winwin Cumshot

Being Bad can taste so good too.


The thing I wonder about: Will Logan Moore punish Arad the way he punished Dante? Will he punish his boy Alam Wernik? Will he even FUCK his boy? I need answers.


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