Bromo's "Electric Sex" Series is SHOCKINGLY Good.

May 15, 2018 | Posted in gay by garridan-p-faxton

[WATCH: "Electric Sex: Part Three" -]

Bromo's newest series features the likes of Pierce Paris, Damien Stone, and Rikk York taking their sex lives further with a little electronic kink.

It took them a while, but I finally figured Bromo out. It's "accessible kink" gay porn. It's for those among us that may not be into the hardcore BDSM aesthetic of, or the fisting aesthetic of Hot House Backdoor, or even the kink of Fetish Force, but want to add a little spice to the bedroom.

It's kink for those who don't want to get too invested in kink.

While they've had some misses (Remember the god-awful "The Fuck Room"?) I was shocked at how good this electric sex series is.

Not apologizing for any of these puns.

Scene One featured Rikk York and Jay Austin wearing vibrating cock rings during their bareback fuck:

Rikk York has a ball tingling surprise for Jay Austin in this Bromo classic. Jay can't help but buck and writhe under Rikk's skillful manipulations. When Rikk turns his attention to plowing Jay's tight ass hard and fast, it's not long before they create a full on fountain of cum.

[WATCH: "Electric Sex: Part One" -]

Scene two featured Rikk York on the bottom; wearing vibrating handcuffs as Damien Stone fucked him.

Damien Stone and Rikk York are obsessed with each other's bodies and it's not hard to see why. Being the hot vers that he is, Rikk sits himself down on Damien's delicious cock and proceeds to work himself up into a sweaty delirium. That's when Damien knows Rikk is ready to get electro-cuffed. that bring this raw session to the next level of hard core.

[WATCH: "Electric Sex: Part Two" -]

Scene three features Damien Stone abusing Pierce Paris with a vibrating paddle before giving it to him raw.

Damien Stone and Pierce Paris

Who loves it more? Damien doing the paddling, or Pierce getting paddled?

From Bromo:

We all know Pierce Paris can handle a lot of abuse, but Damien Stone is going to test those limits. Armed with an electric paddle and his muscular body, Damien begins by torturing Pierce's balls with precision and both of them can't seem to get enough!

Damien Stone could inflict some REAL pain if he wanted to, so the electric shock is just...a lot!

Gay Porn Star Damien Stone

Damien Stone? More like Damien Brick Shit house.

Damien's uncut cock, muscular body, and a paddle were almost too much for Pierce.

Damien Stone Paddling Piecer Paris

Is Damien paddling Pierce's cock? OUCH.

Once they got down to the fucking, Pierce looked worried that he bit off more than he could chew.

Pierce Paris Bareback fuck

Maybe Pierce likes a little abuse.

Damien's a lover, though.

Damien Stone Fucks Pierce Paris

Who knew Damien was this flexible?

He sure loved that hole! He loved Pierce's hole so much he came all over it.

Damien Stone Cumshot

A job well done calls for fake cum in the bum.


Who would you like to watch get electrocuted next?


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