Max Duro Graces Us With His Presence Once More At Badpuppy

May 14, 2018 | Posted in gay by garridan-p-faxton

[WATCH: Max Duro and Brent Taylor - Badpuppy]

Max Duro's first scene at Badpuppy was a solo, but now he's returned to fuck Brent Taylor

Do you remember Max Duro? If not, how could you not? That hairy body? That perfect beard? That sly grin? You're breaking both his heart and mine. I may move on, but he may not. He's been on Cazzo Club but is making his way around Europe. He graced your presence with two new scenes last month, of him just jerking off, and you forgot.

Even though you don't deserve a second chance, Max has returned to Badpuppy! And this time with action, lest ye forget again.

max duro fucking brent taylor

I wonder if Brent's ass feels as good as it tastes as good as it looks.

A few weeks ago, Max Duro blessed us with his presence for a solo scene at Badpuppy:

But as is the case at Badpuppy, if a guy has filmed a solo scene, he's also filmed a duo. At that point, it's just a matter of waiting for it to come out, and seeing who it is with.

[WATCH: Max Duro - Badpuppy]

And now he's back to open Brent Taylor throat up with his cock!

And to stare at himself in the mirror while doing it, just like last time.

Brent taylor and max duro

I bet there's a lot of good pheromones in Max's pubes...

From Badpuppy:

From the beginning of the interview Max Duro & Brent Taylor kept rubbing all over each other. As the interview continues you notice the bulge in Max's shorts growing ever larger. They are soon kissing and Brent starts rubbing on Max's crotch. He frees Max's dick from the confines of his underwear and starts licking and sucking Max's huge piece of meat...After a little face fucking Max spins Brent around on the sofa and begins sucking on his ass. He shoves his tongue as far as he can make it reach, priming Brent's ass for his thick dick. With Brent's hole ready for his cock, Max slowly pushes it in.

If you can't tell, Max loves eating ass...

max duro rimming brent taylor

...and I bet Brent's ass tastes as good as it looks.

But if you can't tell, Max also loves fucking.

I know I said it once, but my GOD that beard is IMMACULATE. I just want to cum on it.

doggystyle gay sex

Do you think Brent is enjoying getting banged?

Then he let Brent set on it...

missionary gay sex

Do you think Brent enjoys bouncing on Brent's cock?

And hit it missionary so Brent could cum.

missionary gay sex at badpuppy

a little missionary to hit the spot good before cumming!

Who would you love to see Max Duro fuck next?

Please come back again Max, and come back often. We need your presence.


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