Mauro Gentile Beef Stick Dick Pic Is Here

April 27, 2018 | Posted in Celebrity by his_excellency

Mauro Gentile is a freakishly gorgeous Insta model who we can go ahead and file under "My goddamn TYPE!" and thanks to the God of Penises, we have this delish dick pic that shows off what Gentile has been teasing this whole time! Hey Mauro. Don't go Gentile on me.

Gentile loves showing off his perfectly ripped bod for the cameras - including in this uber sexy shoot for a publication that has a free Wordpress website called Eroticco Magazine - and in addition to giving abs, thighs, and arms for days, Mauro has just about the cutest face around. Who is he giving us? It's like... Joe Jonas... and... Zachary Quinto... and... Jake Johnson... and... Luigi? Anyway, see his Insta ham in the gallery!

H/T: Sprinkledpeen

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