Here's Video Of An Entire Rugby Team Playing With Their Scrotums

April 26, 2018 | Posted in gay by his_excellency

First off, can we just get a round of applause for Embarrassing Bodies star Christian Jessen? Before I came across this particular clip online, I had seen him in a couple of episodes of Embarrassing Bodies - which is currently streaming on Netflix - and was pretty damn impressed at how he was able to get his fingers inside buttholes and all over other sorts of kooky places on camera. The Internet is telling me that the openly gay Jessen is a Dr. Dr., versus a Dr. Phil Dr., which might be news to anyone who's seen him deliver diagnoses on Embarrassing Bodies. BTW, the series is about British doctors who tackle taboo health issues by examining people on screen and then telling them to go see real doctors. We see one grown woman's butthole skin tag.

NE WAYZ, butthole skin tags and Dr. Jessen aren't what are going to get your taint moist today. (Although Jessen has gone nude.) That honor goes to the rugby team that he gets to strip buck nude in front of him in this blessed clip! Jessen then asks for a volunteer to get a testicular cancer exam in front of his teammates. Which is proceeded by Jessen ordering the entire room of men to touch their balls in front of him. And scene.

But for real, I watched Embarrassing Bodies with a john, and it was our ongoing joke that Jessen was forever trying to get male patients to strip down. And now, an entire rugby team? So while I know deep down that Jessen's simply trying to destigmatize balls and make it so we can all live long healthy happy lives, I mean, come on. He done and did it!

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