Newbie Leo Rex Gives Himself Some Self-Love

April 20, 2018 | Posted in gay by garridan-p-faxton

[WATCH: Leo Rex - Badpuppy]

After you watch Leo Rex jack off at Badpuppy, you may love Leo as much as Leo loves Leo...

But the keyword here is ALMOST. Because as much as you may love Leo, Leo loves himself more. And the only thing Leo may love more than himself is posing for the camera and showing his body off in the mirror.

Thank god he's good to look at and good at showing off, right?!

From the moment the cameras started rolling, Leo was ready to go.

Did he take some horny pills before he shot? If so, where are these horny pills sold?

Leo Rex at Badpuppy

Leo Rex is READY.

From Badpuppy:

Leo Rex can't keep his hands off himself the entire interview, and it seems like he's always feeling himself up. Well, after the interview, Leo takes off his shirt, and we find out why. He has a lean, tight torso, and his arms looks like he works out every day. He stands up and strips off his shorts while pausing to give the camera a close-up view of his tight ass. Leo sits back down on the sofa, grabs his long, rock-hard cock, and starts jacking. He lifts his legs, holding them in a perfect “V” shape, and his fingers begin working his hole as he continues jerking his dick with the other hand.

Ass soon as he could get out of his clothes, Leo was ready to show off his hole.

That was a typo, but it works.

Leo Rex Ass Shot Porn

What a nice hole! The right dusting of hair.

Then those legs went in the air, so he could show off his entire body at once!

Leo Rex Posing Naked

Legs in the air? All he needs now is a good cock.

Uh Oh...Leo found the mirror. He may never leave.

Leo Rose Solo Jack Off

He loves looking at himself in the mirror as much as we love looking at him.

The only reason he left was because he was so horny he had to cum.

Latino Stud Leo Rex

Finally it's time to sit back and relax.


Hopefully we'll see him in more Badpuppy scenes in the future!


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