So, See A Man Sniff Shawn Mendes' Pits

April 11, 2018 | Posted in Celebrity by his_excellency



My biggest fringe benefits from blogging are free porn logins and a desk full of scary sex toys that would probably destroy my man clit (mlit?) and while I thought that basically meant that I was a media mogul, turns out sweeties, I've been doing it all wrong! Martin Björk is a Swedish radio host, and while interviewing Shawn Fuckboy Mendes, exercised the best fringe benefit in the world by sniffing Mendes' stank teen pit! Hey Martin, I'll trade you a ::digs through drawer:: Ball Crusher XXL for a whiff!

For as much as we hem and haw over which celeb is actual the most fuckable in all the land, Shawn Mendes has to up there. Guys. This boy is seriously sex on a stick, and this clip perfectly pairs with Mendes' previous pit hair peek above to create quite the pit saga. Watch it below and tell me this Martin guy doesn't have life figured out!


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