Chris Hemsworth Flaunts Literally, Truly, Honestly Perfect Bod At The Beach

April 3, 2018 | Posted in Celebrity by his_excellency


Well fuck my drag! Any time I start to think that my zero dieting and zero exercise is working wonders, some asshole like Chris Hemsworth has to go and remind me that I'm an affront to God and humanity and should probably wear a tarp for the rest of my life. The thirty-four-year-old hottie Aussie famously packed up his life in Hollywood and headed back to Australia to raise his family. And as they does in the Land Down Under, Hemsworth shows off his wildly perfect body at the beach practically twenty-four-seven. But guys, it has never looked this insane. And, get this, he's wearing a cute Australian-y hat to boot. I die.

So, the bod. Pap pics are known for being unforgiving as the photographers don't touch up their work, and are all but incentivized to catch celebs at their worst. But Hemsworth is unclockable. To the point that in at least some of these pics, I swear to god, his abs look CGI. Hemsworth manages to have defined pecs, arms, and abs while looking more lean and fit than GNC Rewards Club member. A difficult feat, indeed. He also has a head of hair for days and manly man man facial hair here. And basically. I die. Like I'm dead. We're too trashy to get these particular pap pics, so you'll need to hit the link below to check them out!

Head HERE for the pics that will wet your dicks

Photo Credit: Instagram

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