Just A Stunning Texas Engineering Student Model To Moisten Your Taint

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Last year we became briefly obsessed with impossibly gorgeous Instagram models that were 20% ripped bod, 20% thick heads of dark brown locks that you could lose a dick in, and 60% eyefuckingbrows (these are rough estimates open for debate.) I was unfortunately derailed (I blame Cameron Dallas' pit hair and K.J. Apa's everything) but now we're back on track with the highly fuckable Insta model Mr. Keith Laue!

Laeu states on Instagram that he's an engineering student at the University of Texas, which obviously exponentially ups his fuckable factor. A nerd diligently working away in the lab while knowing that he's going to have to strip down afterward to pay for his tuition? He enjoys the thrill, but it doesn't really matter if he likes it or not, because in order to make it out of this one-horse town, a boy only has so many options? He meets strangers along the way - some kind, some... not?  Yes ma'am! Yikes. I promise to find religion soon.


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A post shared by Keith Laue (@keith_laue) on

This boy is like teen Superman and comes complete with a body that we are not worthy of, the happiest of happy trails, bulge for days, a head of hair that will leave you breathless, and eyefuckingBROWS! Needless to say, I'm toying with an unhealthy moisture level at the moment, so I'll let you check out the pics in the gallery MoniSTAT. Rite ladies!!!


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