Forget Jesus! Allen Lucas and Diego Sans Let Viewers Take The Wheel!

April 2, 2018 | Posted in gay by garridan-p-faxton

In their latest cam show, Diego Sans and Allen Lucas give a show by letting users tell them what to do.

[WATCH: Tell Me What To Do -]

First it's pants off, then there's plenty else where that came from

While it's nice to always have a plan, be dominant, and all that stuff that type A people do, sometimes it's nice to turn your brain off, be free-spirited and let someone else take the wheel.

Carrie Underwood let Jesus take the wheel (can Jesus even much drive?) But Diego Sans and Allen let the fans do it (can they even much drive?) on their latest webcam show.

The fans jump right in and get Diego to face fuck Allen...


Allen and Diego take directions from their webcam viewers and steam the cameras up with some good dick sucking, ass licking, and hole pounding.

After some face fucking, Allen gets his hole licked before a rough pounding.

When the fans want it, they want it! They get Diego to fuck Allen in whatever position this is...

Is this missionary? Is it reverse missionary? Whatever it is, it's probably only done in porn. What is this, and have you done it?

Then Allen finally gets to ride some cock!

And his uncut cock bounces everywhere in the process! Come through, foreskin!

Then they finally get Diego to hit it doggystyle until he cums everywhere.

Allen gets his chance to cum too, but you'll have to watch the video for that.


If you had your way, what would Diego and Allen be doing to each other on webcam?


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