"You Still Taste Like Him!"

March 30, 2018 | Posted in gay by garridan-p-faxton

Dirk Caber gets the sloppy seconds from his husband Dakota Rivers fuck with Julian Knowles...but that just turns him on even more!

[WATCH: "New Rules: Episode Four" - Titan Men]

Dakota gives it to Dirk even harder than he did to Julian, complete with impressive cumshot!

Seriously. If Dakota doesn't win some type of award for these healthy cum shots, I will protest.

Talk about a hot love...quadrilateral! As these couples open up their relationship, they experience more than they ever could, and everyone just ends up fucking everyone in different combinations. It's like middle school math problems have come to hit us all on the head again. And you thought you were gonna never need that stuff again.

If you remember, in Titan's previous episode of "New Rules", Julian woke Dakota Rivers up with some morning sex as Daymin and Dirk went to the store (and had their own session in Episode 2).

[WATCH: "New Rules: Episode Three" - Titan Men]

Now, Dakota fucks his husband (just like Daymin and Julian did in episode 1).

From Titan Men:

Dakota’s dick head peeks out of his shorts, Dirk having a taste (“Sexy fucker!”) before they free their beasts. “Less talk, more suck,” says Dakota, Dirk wrapping his bearded lips around it. Dirk gets slurped, his dick snapping back to his stomach when released from Dakota’s mouth. Dakota fucks Dirk’s furry hole, the bottom sitting all the way down to his tight sac. Dirk gets on his back—his boner expertly stroked as Dakota fucks him: “You are so mean when you’re doing that. I love it!”

It appears both these guys love giving and receiving oral. Dakota looks like he's in heaven as Dirk slobs his knob:

Dirk looks like Dakota sucking his head may just be the best thing ever.

That got the guys going so hard, that Dirk shot a YUGE load as Dakota railed his hole:

Dakota may have just fucked Julian, but he still had enough cum left to paint Dirk's face!

Even with Titan pretending like they're still a condom-only company (and not hiring models that shoot bareback flicks), and shooting according to an all-too-predictable formula (that even this video falls int0) I still admire them.

This video is good, and I admire the fact that it's got a small cast, and the scenes relate in some way but not overly-contrived.

But this is 2018 - can we get an orgy? Like the titan days of 'yore? In fact, when was even the last time they had an orgy? The guys have fucked in multiple configurations, and this would have been the perfect time. Ah well, I guess I'll leave what COULD HAVE been up to my imagination.




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