Early Bird Gets The Worm...Or Daymin Voss's Dick. Same Thing.

March 26, 2018 | Posted in gay by garridan-p-faxton

After Daymin Voss and Dirk Caber learn they're both early risers, they spend the time getting each other off in a flip-flop fuck

[WATCH: "New Rules: Episode Two" - Titan Men]

Looks like everyone is having a great time exploring open relationships in Titan's "New Rules" 

It's not like Daymin's BF Julian Knowles ISN'T an early riser; he woke Dakota Rivers up with a morning fuck of his own!

[WATCH: "New Rules: Episode Three" - Titan Men]

And it looks like Daymin Voss certainly enjoyed getting that worm.

That dude came a whole fountain! Even Dirk said the same thing. Looks like some Dirk daddy dick was just what he needed...

From Titan Men:

“I’m always a bit of an early riser,” says Dirk Caber as houseguest Daymin Voss greets him good morning. “I see you are, too!” he smiles, grabbing the bulge in Daymin’s shorts. They head inside, groins grinding before Daymin deep throats his host. Dirk fucks his face, then plants his nose to Daymin’s bush. They swap another round, Dirk’s ass then swallowing the muscle top’s cock. 

Daymin? A Top? When he's topping yeah, but he can suck a mean dick too.

Dick was sure to pay the muscle top back with some top of his very own.

He paid him back with some top in more ways than one!

Daymin may have came like a geyser, but it's not like Dirk was too far behind him!

Which do you prefer - the top, the bottom, or are you versatile like Dirk and Daymin? 


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