Julian Knowles Offers To Wake Dakota Rivers Up, But He Was Already Up...

March 23, 2018 | Posted in gay by garridan-p-faxton

Since Julian Knowles and Daymin Voss have opened their relationship, Julian wastes no time finding a new fuckbud in Dakota Rivers

[WATCH: "New Rules: Episode 3" - Titan Men]

After Dakota fucks Julian senseless, they both let out POWERFUL cum shots

Look at all that cum hit Julian in the face! While Dakota's on-screen presence leaves much to be desired, that dick is apparently POWERFUL. What does he eat for breakfast? I'll have some too.

Did Julian Knowles bring the breakfast along with that ass when he came over for morning sex? So he brought CAKE? Is the answer to everything in life carbs in the morning? I always heard that breakfast was the most important meal of the day...

From Titan Men:

Julian smiles and strips as he hops in, diving down on Dakota’s big dick—soon glistening with spit. Dakota sucks the stud back, kissing him before pounding him from behind, Julian’s beefy ass rippling. The bottom sits on Dakota, whose dick disappears. Julian gets on his back, pecs shaking as the top rams him faster and harder.

Looks like Julian gets his breakfast too - a little sausage.

After exchanging pleasantries and some oral, these two dive deep into each other.

Sex IS 10% of the problem when you're having it, and 90% when you're not. Looks like 10% is going on right here.

We already saw Dakota's cumshot, but Julian hit a huge one too!

A little bit of strange did him right.

While an open relationship saved Blake Hunter and Dalton Riley's relationship, it ruined Jason Vario's and Kurtis Wolfe's. But it looks like Daymin and Julian are taking it milking it (and themselves) to the full advantage.

Is 2018 the year of open relationships? Or are Titan Media's "New Rules" not really that new?


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