Here is An ANTIFA Gay Porn Scene.

March 22, 2018 | Posted in gay by garridan-p-faxton

I mean, it's not ANTIFA per se, but still.

[WATCH: "Berkeley Scene Three: Fucking Anarchy" - Naked Sword Originals]

After an ANTIFA rally, Justin Brody and Terry Bryce share an adrenaline-fueled fuck for the gods!

Complete with fake cum and really thin condoms!

I swear - the craziest stuff goes down at Berkeley. Is it the air?

From Naked Sword:

Activists Justin Brody and Teddy Bryce are making protest signs, getting pumped for tonight’s big Antifa rally. They slip their black ski masks over their heads and bolt out the door headed for the Berkeley campus. By the time they get there it’s a full on riot. Protestors from both sides are shouting obscenities, throwing blows and dodging bottles - including Republican Club President Leo Forte. Justin and Teddy work the young republican over good and take off back to their headquarters. They crash through the door and immediately begin making out as they  rip each other’s clothes off in an adrenaline fueled rage.

Ah, yes. Leo Forte. Remember him taking Timarrie Barker's cock in scene 2?

The Republican Club President takes cock so well.

[WATCH: Berkeley: Sophomore Year, Scene 2 - "Crossing Party Lines" - Naked Sword Originals]

So we can tell them apart because they kinda look the same (like most antifas):

Justin Brody is the one with fewer, worse tattoos.

Teddy Bryce is the one with more, better tattoos.

Teddy is the one that can choke on a cock...

Is that a mirror tattoo on Justin's forearm? What is the point?

And Justin is the one that has the good dick game. 

And then, there is fake cum.

Was Berkeley better, worse, or more sexual than your college?


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