50 Cent Gay Rumors Surface After His Ex Writes A Tell-All Book

March 20, 2018 | Posted in Celebrity by trey-paul

Actress Vivica A. Fox has been pretty busy plugging her new book "Every Day, I'm Hustling" all over town, and she's spilling all the tea about her past relationship with rapper/actor/entrepreneur/gangsta 50 Cent. Unlike most tell-alls, though, Vivica is diving pretty deep about their sex life - which includes some raunchy play that could mean 50 likes boys, too. 

Vivica says sex with the rapper was "cherished and special," but then recalls those pesky rumors she started years back about him possibly being gay. 

"Most of the time, I would be the one initiating sex," she writes. Despite all this, Vivica writes, she “really enjoyed making love with him."

In 2016, 50 Cent admitted that his ex performed rim jobs on him, but said it was against his will. 

"Now she thinks I’m gay because I let her lick my a**. LMAO. Wait, I didn’t want her to, she forced me, my hands were tied. 50 Shades of Grey," he posted to social media after she told Andy Cohen that he "seems like he’s got something" for the male species.

Maybe the rumors are true, and maybe their not. I think the only way to get to the bottom of this is some one-on-one time with the "In Da Club" rapper. I gladly volunteer to take on that task, of course. 

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