Everyone is Hungry For Moore - Are You?

March 19, 2018 | Posted in gay by garridan-p-faxton

Josh Moore and Logan Moore star in Falcon Studios' latest series

[WATCH: Ready For Moore - Falcon Studios]

Gabriel Cross, Wesley Woods, Jason Vario, and their friends come to help them out

In the year of our Lord two thousand eighteen AD, I know there are at least two things you've said to yourself as you've jacked off:

  1. I love Logan Moore and Josh Moore, but I'm tired of having to look for a scene of each one, and watch it in alternating order as I jack off.
  2. I love Logan Moore and Josh Moore, but I can't really tell them apart.

Well lucky for you, Falcon knew you'd been thinking about this. They made the first one easier, and the second one harder, with their newest release, "Ready for Moore"!

I'm not sure if they're dating - I can't keep up with porn couples anymore, but the guys look just alike. And here, they even have matching haircuts!

Haircut? HairCUTE.

As is customary for porn in 2018, the scenes are loosely tied together by no hokey, overarching theme. Just the fact that these two guys share a name. We'll see how many scenes this one has - 7 seems to be the new magic number, and we're three in so far.

I'm actually there hasn't been a pure jackoff scene, but whatever.

From Falcon Studios:

Two Moores are better than one. Logan Moore and Josh Moore are mega-hot studs, desired by many, who all love to help them fulfill their needs. It's time for Logan and Josh to open up and give the guys who are 'Hungry for Moore' everything they've ever wanted and 'Moore'. 

Scene Three - Logan Moore and Gabriel Cross

[WATCH: Ready For Moore Episode Three - Falcon Studios]

As is customary for Raging / Hot / Falcon movies over the last two years, there's always one scene with no sex - just some oral action. This one is that scene. A waste of two of great performers, if you ask me, but sometimes you need an outlet to show off your oral skills and not just your asset.

Scene Two - Josh Moore and Wesley Woods

[WATCH: Ready For Moore Episode Two - Falcon Studios]

Wesley Woods (oddly enough) has been typecast as a daddy top a lot over the last few years (guy is like 33?) so it's nice to see him play the bottom, play it well, and not be so damn daddy. I'll let him have the dye job too.

Scene One - Josh Moore and Logan Moore

[WATCH: Ready For Moore Episode One - Falcon Studios]

What would a movie about two porn stars with the last name of Moore be, if those two guys didn't fuck? Thank goodness Falcon didn't forget!

Which is your favorite Moore - Logan Moore or Josh Moore?



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