It Takes Nerdy Newcummer Kit Wilde Two Hands To Stroke His Cock

March 15, 2018 | Posted in Amateur by garridan-p-faxton

The pierced, glasses-wearing newcummer jacks his massive uncut cock at Badpuppy

[WATCH: Kit Wilde - Badpuppy]

Kit even cums so hard that you'll wish you were there to clean it up!

While some of us are vanilla in what we like, some of us have fetishes. Among many things, I have a thing for underwear, and have over 50 pairs.

I thought I was BALLIN' until I met Kit Wilde.

Badpuppy's newest amateur model Kit Wilde has 7000 pairs of underwear.

Yes you read that right. No it is not a typo. I thought it was a joke, as he's a little sarcastic, but he didn't flinch when he said it.

What do you do with 7000 pairs of underwear? Give them as gifts? use them as planters? I need answers. Also, can I have like 1000?

Kit Wilde made his Badpuppy debut a few years ago, fucking fellow twink Billy Wilde.

(We covered it here.)

At least he's not wasting that cock. So we learned he's a top, and he has a great tongue. We know so much about him now.

But as is Badpuppy's wont, and has been for the last few years, they released his sex scene before his solo scene. So here we are.

[WATCH: Billy and Kit -]


We find out during the interview that it's a little cold in the room where they are filming.  Kit warms things up when he strips off his clothes, sits back on the sofa; and, begins stroking his long, uncut cock.  He spies a mirror at the end of the sofa, jumps up; and, obviously gets off on his reflection.  It's not long before Kit is bent over in front of the mirror, legs spread; and, his hole stretched wide.

He doesn't have much of a butt, but he's got a BEAUTIFUL thick cock.

It's so thick and nice that it takes him two hands to jack off!

What do you think of Kit Wilde's look? Do you love his uncut cock?


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