Newbie Porn Bodybuilder Draven Navarro Flexes and Jerks In The Gym

Dominic Pacifico's smiley new recruit Draven Navarro works out in the gym and works his fat cock in the process!

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Smiley, muscular, confusing.

I know I can't be the only one who is super confused after watching Draven jerk it and work it. Not confused by one thing, but by many.

Like, yes. Draven Navarro is gorgeous.

Look at that face, look at those legs, look at that torso, look at that man.

But the first thing that confused me was Draven's interview.

Beautiful teeth, be damned.

In the interview, we learn a lot about Draven - he's queer and also into trans, he's a bottom, and is a little kinky! But the most confusing thing learned was that he's been an adult film star for a year?


Did he make that up? 

How have I *NEVER* seen him? And I watch A LOT of porn. Maybe one of you have? You guys keep tight tabs on your pornstars (like the time you called me out for saying Jason Vario finally bottomed, when he had been doing it all along under his other porn name Kiern Duncan), so maybe you have. But I'm confused.

Second thing that confused me - Draven is a bodybuilder. How is he only benching 115 lbs?

I can bench 115 easily! And can get up to about 185! Throw some weight on that bar, henny!


Draven was just in a bodybuilding competition and is beefy and swollen. He finally gets to take a break from lifting the metal to show of the beefy cock between his legs. He loves to flex and show off while he strokes his cock. 

Draven does have a nice cock, but is it ever hard?

Playing with a limp willy is fun for about 20 seconds. Not to mention this is 2018 (and March of 2018 at that!). You can get things to help that. It's a porn set. They SHOULD have things to help that. But all throughout Draven's muscle worship scene (which WAS hot) he was barely hard.

Nothing is confusing about that ass though.

Or that hole.

While I love a muscular guy, and I'm a sucker for a big smile, I'm still confused, and a little hurt. But my motto IS "you've gotta try everything at least twice" so hopefully we'll see one of those other scenes he says he's been in, or he'll star in another one soon and I'll change my mind.

What do you think of Draven Navarro? Whom would you love to see him paired with?

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