Looks Like Bromo.com Is Using Amateur Content From Europe Now

March 12, 2018 | Posted in Amateur by garridan-p-faxton

Bromo...you were doing so well! We were rooting for you!

[WATCH: Every Drop - Bromo.com]

Their latest scene features Ricky No-Last-Name and Tomas Salek

It seems like every single studio, except the big 3 (Falcon / Raging / Hot House) and Titan has done it: lease content from eastern European houses to keep up with production rates.

On one hand, it makes sense: We all seemed to love JockPussy, but we oftentimes complained about their slow release schedule (2-3 scenes a month). It can be HARD to keep up with demand, especially at a time when porn can feel disposable, and we're overloaded with scenes, new or not.

But at the same time, these amateur scenes usually come from eastern europe, these boys most likely aren't getting paid a lot, if anything, and their performances leave a lot to be desired.

Case in point: Ricky and Tomas Salek.

Ricky and Tomas are cute (and I'm digging Ricky's new tattoos, even if you're not. Like we get it) but they have absolutely no chemistry. It's like they're just taking cues from a director to get a check. Even the preview looks like they took the best parts and left nothing else of value.

From Bromo.com:

Tomas Salek is no snack: he's a full meal and nothing can stop Ricky from plunging in face first. Top-notch rimming gets Tomas ready for a raw hole wrecking. Ricky doesn't hold back as he brings Tomas to a full stomach glazing climax!

Say what you want about this scene, but Ricky's rimming really IS top notch.

It looks great in pics AND in film. He rimmed Tomas in a number of positions. They could cut the rest of the video and just kept the rimming parts and had a great scene. Not to mention, since oral-only scenes are now a thing at major porn studios, this would have been fine.

It's a good thing they're both pretty.

I mean there is fake cum, though.

Because fake cum solves everything.

If you're going to lease content from Europe, at least be like Badpuppy. I don't know how they do it (maybe because they're actually based in Europe) but their scenes disappoint far less than when you can TELL a studdio is faking it.

What do you think about amateur content from European studios? Don't care, hot or not?


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