Darren Criss Finally Has Nude Gay Sex Scene On ACS: Versace

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The last time we wrote about Darren Criss and his weird body and face you guys had mixed reactions in the comments. Some of you accept him for his unsightly appearance, while others are not so kind. For who could ever learn to love... a beast. Well shame on you guys! I'm a big enough person that I can accept the walking and talking sideshow, and I am totally here for his new and nude gay sex scene on American Horror Story: The Assassination of Gianni Versace!

**SPOILERS** Thanks to the reverse chronological order of the series, during last night's episode titled "Ascent" we were taken back to the moment that Andrew Cumonmyface (Criss) first met mature twink cutie David Madson (Cody Fern.) And this fern does not reproduce asexually. Rite ladies. Rite ladies.

Andrew and David spend an epic night together at the Mandarin Oriental in San Francisco - where, after an evening of wining and dining, they get to fucking. In the shower. Buck nude. Ryan Murphy you whore, you've done it again! We get to see Fern's ass and a whole lot of Criss, but it's really the intensity of their face fucking that makes the scene one of Murphy's finest. Check out the scene below and let us know if you threw up all over your keyboard after seeing Criss!


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