#TBT: Mark Wahlberg Showing Off His Real Money Maker

Mark Walhberg has been around for quite a while and his ever-growing list of skintastic movie credits isn't slowing down, either. Since the early 90's, after a semi-successful music career (if success is measured by how many times he was shirtless), Mark's been lighting up the silver screen in all kinds of roles from "oh shit this is serious" to "watch this while you're high or you won't understand it." He shows some skin in flicks like The Big Hit (1998), Rock Star (2001), Four Brothers (2005), and Ted (2012). His arsenal of arse, however, can only be seen in a select few films like The Basketball Diaries (1995), Boogie Nights (1997), and The Corruptor (1999). 

That's a lot of skin, Marky Mark! Still, we'll always gladly accept more.

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